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Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved nothing more than experiencing good food with good company.  Growing up in an Italian and Lebanese family, I learned at an early age that food, family, and friends are fundamental to everything.  I developed an appreciation for good food, and a curiosity to explore cuisine from around the world. 

I’ve always had a passion for traveling, and in my opinion there’s no better way to discover a city’s culture than through its food.  I love reading about the latest openings and highlights of different cities.  Late at night, I can be often found dreaming up my next trip-- scouring menus on the internet and reading different restaurant reviews.  

The Restaurantista is a work in progress, with new cities and restaurants being added as I experience them.   I hope that this site can be a helpful resource for you, and that you can enjoy these restaurants as much as I do.

Bon appétit!


Questions?  Comments?  Recommendations?  I’d love to hear from you!  Email me at
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