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Telluride is a beautiful place.  Since it's so tough to get to, it's barely ever crowded which is rare for a ski resort town (no lift lines!).  The 12 minute gondola ride from downtown Telluride to the mountain village makes it extremely easy to get around-- and you'll get an incredible view along the way.  Here are some places I'd recommend:

Located in town at the base of the gondola, Cosmo's is a great pick for delicious food and cocktails.  I personally love their fresh ceviche and sashimi appetizers.  Many cocktails and apps are available on their happy hour menu- so it's worth going early!
This iconic Telluride restaurant has arguably the best views out of any restaurant.  Located mid-mountain, you can take the gondola either from the mountain village or downtown to get here.  The food and cocktails are good, and come with a steep price tag-- but you're getting an incredible view.  It's worth going early when it's light out so you can enjoy the scenery.
You'll feel like you're in the French Alps at this mountaintop restaurant and bar.  Bon Vivant an daytime outdoor patio and bar surrounded by glass, giving you the views of the gorgeous mountains.  The people watching here is great too.  Bon Vivant knows what they're doing -- they even give you sunglasses knowing many skiers don't carry them.  Enjoy a cocktail and a crepe, and Bon Vivant lives up to its translation as "good living."  
If you're looking for a delicious cocktail with an eclectic vibe, this is the spot.  There is located downtown in a house converted into a bar/restaurant.  There are dozens of creative cocktails, and you can ask for the Black List for even more options.  You'll get popcorn in a paper bag as a snack, or you can check out the full menu for small plates-- ranging from tostadas to steamed buns to veggie & meat skewers.
Although I haven't been, SIAM is supposed to have amazing Thai food.  It's on my list for next time!
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